Changing the License of my open source projects

After listening to the Lucien C.H. Lin’s talk at Coscup 2019 about his experience on working with corporates dealing with FLOSS communities and licenses, I learn more about the practice in the industry. It also makes me to think about the license I would be using for my open source projects. This article from Neil Mitchell in Haskell community explained his stance very well, and by carefully reading his article I would tend to agree with his intent. I would be inclined to change all of my projects to be Apache-2.0 and BSD-3 dual license so that it has patent grant protection and at the same time compatible with GPL. Rust is using Apache-2.0 and MIT dual license but to my personal I like the clause in BSD-3 where it requires you can’t use my name to endorse things you build, that makes sense to me. I would relicense my projects one by one from now on.