The End of 2019

This is the last day of 2019, it was transformative year. I’ve learned a lot by practicing. I faced challenges and learned to make difficult decisions but make the decision rationally. When I faced challenges I like to do binge reading, part of the reasons is that I have the presumption that there must be smart people have been through the challenges I faced today. When I watched the documentary “Inside Bill’s Brain” I noticed that he also has the binge reading habit. He would lock himself in a room and read everything he can about a topic. The books I have finished in the past several weeks are:

  • The man who solved the market
  • A Man of All Markets
  • Dear Chairman
  • Quench your own Thirst
  • The Ride of a Lifetime
  • Never Split the difference
  • My Father’s Business
  • 公司的品格 2
  • 一人の力で日経平均を動かせる男の投資哲学
  • 尋找夢想的家
  • 監工完全上手事件書

I’ve learned to like Audiobooks and I would say it really help a lot on your reading efficiency since it would make you effectively use your time on the road or while you are jogging. This easily adds another hour or two on each of the day. It could also let your eyes to rest, especially for a software engineer where you already use your eyes a lot. I can simply borrow the Audiobook from Singapore library and finish it in one week or two (The deadline of borrowing a book also creates urgency so that you feel like finishing it).